Land Ahead: the literal translation of the Dutch saying "Land in zicht". Something you'll need if you're planning to be a landscape architect. The Brussels-based duo Guillaume Becker and Bjorn Gielen redefine the word by contributing it to their office for contemporary landscape architecture: Landinzicht.

Let's be honest, it's hard to see a garden and think: wow! Well, stumbling upon the site of  Landinzicht, the I Love Belgium team came across that feeling several times. Why? Mainly because we didn't see the traditional greenery: boxwood, organic garden borders, bright green grass, ... Working mostly in an urban environment, Landinzicht knows how to get the best out of nature. One example? In several of their gardens they find the magic balance between contrasting the green of plants with the perfect backdrop. Whether it is a painted white wall, a ruin or a dramatic skyline.

What's even better about their gardens are the unique ideas behind them. Whether it is a social neighbourhood project or a villa garden, each has its own story. And they don't limit themselves to gardens. Who doesn't want their green room/terrace divider? Now we just wait for execution while keeping our eye on this young promising office.

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