La Classe

Where to go for team building or a brainstorm session? The answer: La Classe. Inspired by the beautiful spaces they encountered in their day jobs, architectural photographers Anne and Jean-Luc Laloux converted this old school building into a contemporary group accommodation. This isn't your rustic group holiday share. It's an exercise in great interior design and a great time with friends.

The originality of their concept?  Breaking away from the traditional idea of rustic group accommodation, instead offering a living environment designed to the highest specifications of comfort and refinement. The skilful use of designer furniture, glass, steel and Belgian bluestone (pierre bleue) adds up to Architectural Digest worthy pictures. Everything here has been designed with well-being and relaxation in mind…. prime materials, space and the simplicity of line.

It will be tempting to stay inside but don't forget the surroundings! You start in the large contemporary garden, built on three levels, which are linked by a delicate design alternating box hedges with tall grasses. Only 5 minutes away you have the Molignee Valley, 10 minutes from the Manoir de Thozee, the home of Felicien Rops, the famous  nineteenth century surrealist.

Too cool for school? The I Love Belgium team doesn't think so. Instead you'll go straight to the top of the class!

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