La Cambre

Friday evening will have breathed a sigh of relief after their models came back from the catwalk. Yes, La Cambre kicked off  the first of the fashion academy graduation shows. After a long wait, we finally got our seat right in the middle, a very strategic and excellent location.

The show started off with second year silhouets, very experimental (sometimes too experimental, I think you always have to maintain some sort of style and elegance). The third year collection were all menswear collections and even if menswear is not that always that easy to create some of the strongest collections of the entire show could be found in this year. Anaïs Lalu astonished us with great tailoring and remarkable finishing, follow this girl very closely (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her collection but click her name to see her collection). A special honorable mention for Pablo Henrard with his romantic futuristic view on menswear.

The fourth year was a little disappointing. Sometimes I thought that those students were a little confused asking themselves the question, do I still have to experiment a lot or do I have to produce a consistent commercial (but still edgy) collection? I guess it's a normal behaviour when you are approaching the final year. Our favourite here was Louise Leconte with a strong referenced collection.

The fifth year was a mix of male and female collections with I Love Belgium favourite Lucas Sponchiado's collection Out of Vacuum portraying a strong yet feminine woman. The I Love Belgium team loved the laser-cut embellished stockings and the airy trains. A whiff of classic tailoring mixed with high-tech techniques. A special shout out to Zoë Vermeire's magnificent oversized tailored coats.

All pictures underneath are courtesy of our great friend and fashion journalist extraordinaire Philippe Pourhashemi.

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