A few months ago we stumbled onto the site of architecture firm URA. Although they have a pretty fine portfolio, the I Love Belgium team went gaga for a specific picture. One which announced a nominated project for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2011, titled KOP. An industrial warehouse with psychedelic yet uniform black and white pattern. Today the I Love Belgium office received the pictures of the finished building and we're more then happy to share these with you!

The request for this building was simple: 15,000 square meters of storage space and 2000 square meters of office space. URA was smart enough not to look for a new typology, but simply reduced the archetypical form of the warehouse to its essence. The skeleton of the building consists of concrete roof frames, set four in a row along the short side and repeated thirty times in the length. The structure that emerges from this pattern is almost entirely covered by three sorts of  sheeting: grey, transparent and translucent.This abstract skin makes the warehouse into a hall of mirror.

So if you ever rail to Puurs (a village situated in the province of Antwerp), look out for  a remarkable view from your train window. The pictures below are taken by talented photographer Filip Dujardin.

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