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Knitwear all the way, Belgium's cosiest knitwear brands

It’s cold in Belgium, and we are all looking for ways to get warmer. Well why not take this opportunity to not only keep warm, but look cool doing it. The I Love Belgium team presents you our top four choices of knitwear for this winter—and every other one as well—to eventually come to love Belgium’s chilly season as much as you love Belgium.

Started by Caroline Camerlynck, a Belgian designer who studied in Denmark, this Danish inspired brand prides itself on soft knitwear that is made from durable natural materials. Everything is made from top-notch wool or cotton to keep designs timeless and as pure as the color white, hvid in Danish. The clean and tightly knit looks span from scarves and hats to pillows and blankets. Think lightly textured designs that add depth to beautiful neutral or muted colors that fit seamlessly with any outfit that is ready to confront the cold. While these delicate knits keep you looking elegant, the 100% Belgian brand also keeps Belgians working. 

When designer Stephanie Caulier visited a knitting café in New York, she was inspired to transform her love of knitting into the chunky dream of the I Love Mr. Mittens brand. Working with a small team and carefully knitting each piece in Antwerp, I Love Mr. Mittens actually lives out their “Heartworking” philosophy of social corporate responsibility. They contribute to the local community through jobs and support of small businesses—yet another reason to jump for joy for one of their jumpers. I Love Mr. Mittens really is the perfect one-stop shop for deliciously warm, thick and handmade knit cardigans, dresses, tops, scarves, wraps and more. 

“Beauty is in the simplicity” is the motto said by the multi-talented designer of LN Knits, Ellen Kegels. And it really shows in each garment that holds material, color and texture at utmost importance. The designs come from a team consisting of Ellen along with her favorite pack of Belgian grannies. Whether you shop online or at the flagship store in Antwerp, all the knitwear is organized by color to make it impossible not to find something that matches your style. On top of all that, it’s also fair-trade. Thanks to LN Knits, more than 300 women in Peru have steady jobs and incomes from collecting the delicately soft baby alpaca fur and knitting the pieces. The LN brand goes above and beyond presenting you with beanies, hats, sweaters, scarves, socks, pillows, mittens, as well as a cookbook and two Do-It-Yourself books to even knit your own simply beautiful pieces as well. 

Inspired by the designer Véronique Leysen’s quirky Grandpa Maurice, Maurice Knits is a knitwear brand as well as a coffee shop that brings together the coziness of hot drinks and knitted warmth. Each item is unique with fun patterns and embellishments like eyes or feathers. They are also lovingly handmade by the Belgian “Maurice Grannies” from quality wool. While you buy cozy knits in their store in Antwerp, you can also sip on their locally Ghent sourced coffee in wool wrapped mugs. Maurice Coffee and Knits really know how to create the ultimate—“authentic with a twist” sort of experience. 

These warm knits are stylish and cozy, making it so easy to keep your cool this winter.

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