Knitted Psychedelica

Design Platform Limburg was so kind to invite the I Love Belgium design editor to judge a bunch of new creative talent for the Toegepast 18 competition. It was here that we discovered the work of Isabel Tesfazhi. We were immediately captured by her graphic knit and art/design proposals. Organic forms, artisan knit knowledge and a passion for tribal culture make the work of Isabel unmistakable fascinating!

Isabel, of German origin, got her textile bachelor degree in Maastricht and did her internship at Hussein Chalayn London-studio. After this she moved to Antwerp to intern at Atelier Hilde Frunt, she followed a masterclass at the Verbeke Foundation and got her master degree sculpture at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp.

In a way, all of these different influences and degrees help Isabel to collide diverse techniques, forms and prints. Her work shows a fascination for tribal cultures such as the Latin-American Mayas or South-African Ndebele tribe. This research into their way of life, art, nature knowledge, spirituality and rituals, leads to the creation of her own micro-cosmos. The birth of a new tribe with its own rituals, languange, visuals and symbols. In other words: old knowledge for new times!

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