I Love Belgium already mentioned this graphic design office in a previous article, yet this time we want to shout about it! A mix of  heritages and identities makes this office stand out.First we have Ningtiendo Sehgah, although born in Japan he was raised by his aunt in Belgium with all the trades of a modern Japanese upbringing: manga, 16-bit video games, fluorescent sweets and double school hours. At eightteen, he left for Antwerp to study the noble graphic arts.

The second part of Khuan+Ktron is the grandson of a famous iconic Russian painter. Mikail Mitmalka is a self-schooled illustrator and painter who has a weakness for nostalgia. Living and working in the Khuan Monestry he's meditating and gardening his days away.

The last member is the most anonymous one. We only know his nickname: Steebz a.k.a ACPL and the fact that he was born in Antwerp. I guess that's what makes a good group mysterious...

As a group they manufacture brightly coloured, yet thematically somewhat eccentric pictures of the floating world. Most of their commissioned work is focused on arts, culture, education and other non-profit causes, in harmony with our rather particular lifestyles.

If they have to describe themselves in a few words then they go for: a warm shelter for wandering monks, martial arts instructors, spare-time pathologists, daisypickers, vegan cooks, flute-playing shepherds, slightly aging anarcho-punks, ascetics and other zealots, off-season theme park enthusiasts and maggot-infested zombies, united by their mutual intrests and passions.

After reading all of this, wouldn't you just like to meet these bright/eccentric talents? Discover much more on their Flickr account.

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