Kanal Art

It's all about art! Or at least in Belgium. Enter a small village and an artwork will welcome you, enter a small house and a piece of art will be hanging from the wall. Probably it wont be a Magritte, but at least the art loving DNA is embedded in our culture! One more reason to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the canal Roeselare-Leie in West-Flanders with an artistic collaboration project. The idea? What do you get when several artists get in contact with local industrial companies who thrive throug the waterway?

The I Love Belgium team selected two works which resulted from this interesting starting point. We kick off with artist Koen Vanmechelen's "Communicating Vessels" project for animal feed producer Vanden Avenne. Within the industrial building, Koen installed a breeding room which monitors the temperature and humidity of the room.  This room is normally used as a gathering location for employees, collaborators and guest to change minds, discuss and come to an agreement. This work symbolises the cross-polination of this 150 year old waterway and the people who are surrounded by it.

Artwork number 2 is a collab between the Maselis grain factory and artist Nick Ervinck. Nick created a 2000m² large print, titled Nairgtzag, who's fully wrapped around the factory building. The inspiration was found in the physical features of the building, as well as in the activities of the factory and the history of the site and its surroundings. By referring to the local history, Nick aimed at producing a new history and thus adding layers to the urban landscape.

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