JustSo Belgian

The best concepts are based on the simplest principles. A great example would be the work of the creative Jasbir Sandhu. Together with Axia Environment, she developed a collection of  wearable art depicting a country's identity.

An avid traveler, she was always fascinated by the geographical borders of countries. If you look at the maze of frontiers it looks like very intricate lacework which inspired Jasbir to create a contemporary jewellery line with the outlines of countries called JustSo each time adding the name of the country.

The country's frontiers become wearable maps in the form of necklaces, broaches, bracelets and pins. In the series of countries you'll find JustSo Singapore, JustSo British, JustSo Swiss and of course JustSo Belgian. An affirmation of an identity creating a fusion between body and mind.

Simple and beautiful. What you wear is where you are.

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