Juriji Der Klee

We admit, we don't do enough about Belgian music on I Love Belgium (you can still hit us up to become an I Love Belgium music editor, but sorry we cannot pay you since we are an non-profit Belgium-loving platform). But when we do it, we really like someone! That's why we want to introduce you to Juriji Der Klee.

We first bumped into him in Paris during Jean-Paul Lespagnard's second presentation during fashion week. Who was that androgynous boy in total look Jean-Paul Lespagnard? After that we saw him several times in the buzzing Brussels nightlife and than came the answer: that mysterious boy with an angelic face, is a singer, composer, songwriter and melodist.

At the age of 15 he gets interested in video editing and at the age of 18 he starts taking singing lessons. No pop queen here, but a classically trained countertenor. He is fascinated by Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen and David Bowie but he grew up with Madonna, Daft Punk and Mecano. Immersed in pop culture, he creates electro-pop music away from the mainstream, where lyrical singing is made sacred again, transcending sounds, genders and eras. His music is like a paradox. His beats make you want to dance but his voice makes you want to listen.

He is obsessed by fashion and performs and parades in the collections of young designers such as Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Louise Leconte and Gioia Seghers making him a muse, model and allround Belgian fashion ambassador. But music is what makes him tick the most. He will soon be launching an EP called Broken with four songs: Into the Light, Music, Pearl and Who am I. You'll have to wait until the full EP is released but underneath you can already watch a teaser video made for the EP featuring the song Music. The song is an adaptation of Henry Purcell's Music for a while, the lyrics are inspired by John Dryden's Oedipus. Get ready to be enchanted.

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