Julien Renault's Inventory

Belgian based French designer Julien Renault is an emotional designer. In a world where's there's already too much design made just for the sake of it, he's part of the new generation redefining both the material and technique of everyday products and furniture. After graduating at the ESAD Design & Art School in Reims and ECAL in Lausanne he moved to Brussels to assist Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz while working simultaneously worked for an antique design dealer.

These influences from both industrial design and vintage design play a role in his work. It is crucial for him to know that everything he designs is something that will exist without a predetermined lifespan. He caught our eye for the first time when he was selected for Designed in Brussels (now MAD) in 2011 where he was showcased his collection of furniture made of recycled plastic granulate.

But something very important in Julien's life is and work is photography. His intrigue and curiosity drive him to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments and to tell stories as a source to design. Additionally to his development as designer, he has started giving attention to the objects around him. That's how he founded Inventory, a personal collection of anonymous and well-made objects, which inspire him.

He finds them everywhere, while traveling, going to the supermarket or even simpler: in the street. He selects and photographs them because he likes their shape, color, details or just because they aroused his curiosity. We've selected our favorite objects from Julien's inventory, but you can check them all online, where the Inventory just keeps on growing He also has an inspiring photography blog called Magic Argentican everyday library of images taking photographs with his dad’s analogue camera.

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