Julien Lanoo Photography

Julien Lanoo Photographs is a young photo studio in the centre of Europe, in the Belgian-French region of Lille. By its personal approach and its images of high quality, the studio is worth the name of "quality house". Since its start in 2007, the studio photographed some of the worlds finest architecture. This includes names such as Jean Nouvel, Beal Blankaert, Sanaa and Shigeru Ban. But it's not only the international names that find there way to this studio, Belgian  studio's such as DierendonckBlancke Architects, VitraPoint Ghent and BURO II are on the client list as well.

So why is Julien Lanoo in demand? Well he's the best in capturing contemporary architecture on a human scale. By photographing these buildings with there surroundings, nature or users, he creates lively pictures that showcase architecture in interaction. The live-like colours, good framing and the feeling of perspective add to this recipe for brilliancy. Picked up by magazines such as Mark, Sabato and Dezeen we are sure that you can expect much more from this studio in the close future! Discover his photography HERE

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