Julie Rousseau's Animal Instinct

Julie Rousseau's collection of "Paper Beasts" is a series of folded animal masks and stand alone figures.  The Belgian graphic designer wanted to explore the use of cardboard and artisanal craftsmanship in a way where she can "think with her hands."  The method of folding the masks into shape takes time, precision and most likely a lot of paper cuts.  The impeccable artistry and attention to the functionality of the cardboard to mould it into something as intricate as these masks is no easy feat, and we couldn't be more excited that Rousseau was the one to rise to the challenge.

There is no shortage of options when choosing a mask either.  Paper Beasts comes in four different collections, each with its own theme and specific models to go with it.  The Basic collection resembles wall hung animal trophies in their simplest form.  Simple, brown cardboard meticulously folded into the shape of different animal heads and available with a wall-mount or a display stand.  The Hero collection is a more artistic and ever-changing take on the masks.  Pieces are decorated with rice paper to add colour and texture to mix and create a fantasy feel without detracting from the raw, animal qualities.  The third collection, Afro, is inspired by a variety of African animals.  Some of the silhouettes include an elephant, gazelle, and a lion.  The last collection, Aero, is a minimalist take on the designs.  Instead of full-fledged masks, Aero is a collection of sculptures that outline the shape of what the mask would be.  These sculptures are full of dizzying geometry and are a great wall piece.  

The pieces are always hand made in Belgium and done so in an eco-friendly manner.  Most of the collections have the pieces in a variety of sizes and options as a mask or mounted piece for the wall.  With the multiple sizes, prices for the Paper beasts range from 70-200 euros.  Whether you're looking for a new decoration, or a conceptual animal costume, Paper Beasts has it all covered.

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