Jean-Paul Lespagnard - I SEE 'EM

After reading Suzy Menkes' first comments in the New York Times about Jean-Paul Lespagnard , the I Love Belgium team was thinking  she was being nostalgic, wanting to find a new type of Walter or a Jean-Paul Gaultier, but we're sure she also saw that he was bringing something new: great presentation, interesting textures and a great Belgian touch of surrealism.

Last Saturday he presented his new collection, I SEE 'EM. A trip through the Scottish Highlands was the inspiration for the collection. The inspiration came especially from the mysticism of the region and from the legendary warriors wearing kilts or from the famous monster of Loch Ness. The entire show was inextricably bound up with the mysterious universe of monsters. One could feel it in the music as well as in some elements that appear and disappear, be it in the cut or in the print.

Hair, scales, relief, camouflage of all kinds are part of the work. The colours that are used refer to hibernal Scottish weather. Grey makes us think of the sky, green of the bare plains, yellow of the rays of sunlight that shine through the clouds with determination. And although monsters were Jean-Paul's inspiration, the runway show made a lot of people happy since it was a very attractive  and wearable collection. Every woman watching the runway show could just imagine to wear all the coats, trousers, capes and jumpers in soft and delicate fabrics with bubbled texture, in bright yellow/red tartan or the tie-dye black polka dot of which the dress was already worn by Belgian actress Jeanne Dandoy at the Oscar ceremony last week.  A woman who will wear Jean-Paul Lespagnard will not only look good, she will also feel good and that is just the way he wanted his collection to be. Check out the video of the runway show, you can find the full set of pictures of the show on our Facebook page.

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