We've repeated a million times that Belgians are subtle and understated. We're not into gossip magazines, we don't trash our celebrities in tabloid magazines and we don't have offspring of Belgian celebs that suddenly become it-girls hunted down by paparazzi and featured in yummy stories about eating disorders, anorexia and drug abuse.ILOVEBELGIUM

So is Belgium boring? Absolutely not. Belgian it-girls can't be found in the gutter drunk out of their heads or become famous because of flashing their crotch stepping out of their car. Belgian it-girls have a smarter take on celebrity culture.

If there is one Belgian it-girl at this very moment, it must be Tiany Kiriloff. Tiany is not the typical Belgian girl. She is of Chilean, Russian and Dutch descent, a melting pot of genes that resulted in an exotic beauty. But all beauty and no brains? Guess again.

After a successful career as a model, she started her career as a fashion journalist and stylist. She presented the ever so popular on Belgian youth culture chain JIMtv (later on cancelled because of budget cuts) and nowadays she is a fashion journalist for several magazines in Belgium, she is running her own online fashion magazine called making her the queen bee of Belgian fashion bloggers and she is a full-time mom of two beautiful daughters. That enough you would say? Well, not for miss Kiriloff since she just launched a capsule collection called Kirilove together with Danish brand Vero Moda. The result is mix of  timeless basics, but also pieces with ethnic prints, flashy colours (we love the fluo pink blazer) and edgy details. Watch this girls very closely, you won't find any dirt, but I'm sure you'll get addicted.

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