Industrial Transformation

Within the 500 square meter space, Bernadatte tried to incorporate as much of the original industrial elements into the design. The office area shares a space filled with bright blue machines while a rusted giant metal pipe and barrel overlooks the living room area. Bernadette treated every room with the same love, even the laundry room has the original industrial elements displayed. This overal industrial effect got amplified a notch by adding an all stainless-steel kitchen to the home. And even the spaces without the outspoken machinery, such as the bedrooms, profit from the iron cast windows or exposed iron beams which make up the structure of the building.

It is as all these elements are precious artifacts in an all-white exhibition space! You could even say that a walk through the water station now resembles a gallery tour. Well, the I love Belgium team wouldn't mind staying at Philippe's home during our holidays while enjoying the "industrial art" and magnificent view!

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