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Atelier Vens Vanbelle efficiently fuses nature and design to create a unique style. Crisp edges and soft wood grains have never looked so good. 

This home in Ghent, aimed to do the impossible: create a bigger interior space while also expanding the yard. In true Belgian style, a compromise was reached to get the best of both worlds—a more open inside that brings the outside indoors. 

The architects created an atmosphere reminiscent of a fresh fall day. The inside is breezy, not only because of the room’s fun character but also its open flow. Pillars imitate tall trees while the intersecting geometric planes of the ceiling resemble a network of their branches. Honeycomb tiled floors become scattered yellow and red leaves. White walls keep the room open and clean, and sunlight emanates from the skylights making everything bright. The glass doors look out onto the garden and serve as a window to the outdoors.

The wooden accents from the table, pillars, ceilings and doorframes create harmony by guiding your gaze. The functional workspace cuts through the room dynamically. The deliberate choice to keep the wood grain unifies the space and maintains a natural ambiance that is warm and inviting. 

The result is an interesting geometric space that brings the crisp coziness of autumn into the house all year round.

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