Imperia's Rebirth

Contrary to what you might think, Belgium has a rich auto mobile history. Brands such as Minerva, Métallurgique, Excelsior and Nagant were building strong in the first decades of the 20th century. Yet at the start of the thirties fellow Belgian brand Impéria took over and merged with the above-mentioned competition. After closing the factory doors in 1957, Impéria was revived in 2009 to market a hybrid sports car based on research from Liège-based, clean motorisations company, Green Propulsion.

The Imperia Automobiles project is clearly ambitious. It involves nothing less than creating a new vehicle concept which implements new green technologies, a world first in the luxury car segment. The design of this vehicle hinges on three remarkable requirements: environmental concern, through motorisation based on Plug-in hybrid engine technology. The pleasure of sport driving, obtained through high-level performance. And attention to design, conveyed through its neo-retro lines inspired from the rich and prestigious Imperia history.

The I Love Belgium team loves the fact that elegance is no longer sacrificed for efficiency, instead these two parameters are harmoniously integrated. Add the revival of an all Belgian brand (deliveries of the Imperia GP started in 2012) and we're ready to save up the necessary 94.490 euro!

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