ilovebelgium loves COS and we love ilovebelgium

Yes we know COS is a Swedish brand, but when we got the mail from COS international to do an installation in the COS windows in Belgium, the ilovebelgium team was instantly excited. What should we do? Can we do this because COS is not a Belgian brand? The Belgian link is of course the fact that we could do the windows of the Belgian COS stores in Antwerp & Brussels. And we were very honoured to be invited with the likes of Susie Bubble, RBPM Studio and Byglam to create a concept for their windows.

The COS store in Antwerp is situated in the beautiful renovated Stadsfeestzaal (with the fancy Jaime Hayon furniture in the mail hall), the COS stores in Brussels are situated in the rue Neuve and the Avenue Louise. We decided to go for the Avenue Louise store since it is the newest COS store in Belgium. The ilovebelgium team loves the less-is-more design aesthetics of COS. Simple designs, beautifully cut with subtle but interesting detailing and quality above all (this could actually be the description of  a lot of Belgian brands too!).

But back to the windows: ilovebelgium Design Editor, the freshly graduated Master in Conceptual Design, Tom Tack came up with the window concept real quick. It had to be simple, it had to playful, it had to have motion and it should have splash of colour. Tom called the concept the power of joy. Ingredients: aquarell paper, two soap bubble machines and coloured ink. The aquarell paper forms the background behind the two mannequins. The soap bubbles are of course the centre of attention. They are actually coloured with water-base paint, so each time they pop, the paper (and mannequins) gets a splash of colour creating patterns and colour depths.

For those people who are horrified that the clothes get stained: the paint is a water-base paint so it comes off really easily. In the course of two weeks of our COS window take-over, you will see the installation evolving. The virgin white aquarell paper will become a bubbly work of art. Hereunder you can see some pictures of the installation made by the talented photographer Zeb Daemen. Thanks Zeb for passing by to take those pictures! We would also like to thank the COS people for being so helpful and understanding. In the weekend we will also upload a movie of the COS windows on the Avenue Louise, really looking forward to work with film maker Hans Vanderspikken on this.
all pictures courtesy of Zeb Daemen

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