Illustrations by Gaëlle Sutour

"Will work for hair" written down by a dandruff flake to protest against the new Fructis hair shampoo. Look closely to Gaëlle Sutour's work and you'll notice the ironic observations and the canny takes on her surroundings. Being it childlike bird drawings or slightly introspective illustrations (the one on the right side says enough) Gaëlle created for herself a distinctive style.

The I Love Belgium team is not the only one who sees the talent in this 24 year old. Belgium's leading contemporary artist Wim Delvoye hired Gaëlle two years ago to conceptualize his website. The pixelated WimCity site was the result, although not her style, she got away with putting her trademark birds into his kindergarten.

After receiving her Master degree in communications at La Cambre last year,  she started to work as a freelance illustrator. The Word magazine published a series of drawings and she developed the logo and packaging for Children's underwear Bio Choses. But paper didn't stay her medium: in her litlle shop (it counts 1 item) you'll find hand made plates with unique bumblebees.

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