I Love Belgium interviews 254forest

Our readers are used to reading interviews with one person, so this unique: this is the first group interview on I Love Belgium. We're interviewing 254forest a creative studio based in Brussels covering the field of photography - film - music - production and post production.
Some examples of people they work with: V Magazine, Nicola Formichetti, Another Magazine, Dazed & Confused and to finish this list of namedropping: they are art director for rafsimons.com so we're sure they will be doing projects for Dior, now that Raf is also designing the collection... Talented graphic studio Codefrisko just designed their brand new website, the perfect time to sit down with the team and have a creative talk.
ILB - 254forest, the name of your studio has a very simple explanation: it's named after the address in Brussels, Chaussée de Forest 254. Is simplicity key in your work?
hello ! yes our name is quit simple , simplicity is for sure key to our work ! but we like to spice it up from time to time ! depends on the mood ...
ILB - How many people work at 254forest? Do you all live together? Can you call it a creative commune?
we have a foundation of 5 people : Claire Silva Moreira works on the production side , Pierre Debusschere takes on the film & photography side, Ismael Mounin does post production in still and photography as well and Frederic Ameel & Jean Stephane Garbe take care of the music. on top of that we have a wide range of outside contributors in many different fields. We all work in between 2 different studios, the image & sound studio. Two of us are living in the same building as the studio  but we have to stay sane too and we all need our life on the side .
ILB -  A visual and moving presentation, next to the catwalk imagery, of a collection has become much more important over the past few years. And you have been in the middle of this revolution. Why do you think this has become so important for a fashion brand?
We think mainly because the internet generation have grown up now, and for a lot of us multiple content seems normal now, Gifs for example  are not only for geeks and myspace anymore it can serve a brand to communicate in an impactful way. People are also very demanding nowadays, they need more then two images per season, that's why film , and any new media helps them to release more content during the season. We believe also that it has to be done in the right way, we are not really into backstage films and showing the whole process, some parts need to stay dreamy …
ILB - A lot of creative people start to base themselves in Brussels (or stay in Brussels): Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Olivier Borde,... Why is Brussels so attractive? Is there a creative renaissance happening?
Brussels is a very down to earth city, it gives the opportunity to people to develop their own aesthetic but still stay connected to other creatives. There is a mutual openness between all the creatives and bridges are easily done ! we are proud to be in Brussels for sure! It was also the main reason why we created this studio! Why leave Belgium if you start to develop and interest people with your artistic work? Why not make ourselves stronger by working all together and make people come to you? The clients are always happy after leaving Brussels! It's like a breath of fresh air for them, and I'm sure some will join us here …
ILB - Something completely different: I'm sure you pull allnighters during shoots. What's 254 Forest's favourite food cravings? Do you feast on fast food or do you like to keep it healthy?
For some months now we keep food very healthy in the studio, it gives us more energy to keep on going during the long weeks of work but for sure we can always count on some of us to bring some chocolate delicacy from time to time !
ILB - What' the most wonderful and the most hateful thing at 254forest?
The most wonderful is to be able to to work together ! so we would say THE TEAM ! and the most hateful thing might be the amateur pianist living under who plays the same song on repeat for about 6 months ;)
ILB - And our last and classic question: why does 254forest love Belgium?
We love Belgium for the mix of cultures. The Openness and realness of people. Because everything is possible here in the center of Europe. For the nonsense! For Our Friends.
ILB - Thanks for this inspirational talk!
Hereunder you'll find some examples of their work, if you want to check out the team of 254forest just go to our Facebook page.

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