Honest by Bruno Pieters

The I Love Belgium team was very excited when Bruno Pieters announced that his sabbatical was over and when he launched the teaser movie for his new brand. He called it a A pioneering brand with a radical new model for the fashion industry, and tonight's the night: Honest by is born.

What is so unique about the brand? Simple: for the first time in fashion history a brand is being entirely open about its supply chain and pricing (we wonder how consumers would act if brands such as Forever 21, River Island, H&M,... would disclose that kind of information). What does this mean? On the Honest by website, consumers can see a full cost breakdown of the products. At every stage, from yarn and buttons through to fabric and manufacturing, consumers are shown exactly what their money is buying, revealing even the mark up.   The brand also offers full disclosure of the production process informing about all materials and design, answering two questions: where it was made and by whom.

Honest by also defies the traditional two-season fashion model. Summer and winter garments are offered all year around to recognize the increased frequency of international travel and the need to adapt to different climates and temperatures. New items arrive throughout the year and sell out when they sell out. And the team behind the brand is very ambitious:  a range of children’s clothes and complementary products such as furniture are also on the drawing board.

"That's all great but what about the collection?" we hear you say. Obviously Pieters is a very talented designer which is also reflected in the first Honest by collection. Bruno, always applauded  for being a wizard with shapes and proportion, has toned down his experiments. His talent and craftsmanship stripped to the bare essential results in basic silk chiffon tops, cotton wrap shirt dresses, recycled wool knit sweater, adjustable linen trousers and cotton jersey bomber jackets. Less is more has never been so true.

Bruno Pieters may be the initiator of the label but he will not be the only one who will design the collections. Honest by will continuously offer new collections from established and upcoming designers (even designers showing at Paris Fashion Week). All of them  are encouraged to use only organic and animal friendly materials and of course they are obliged to work via the Honest by methodology and philosophy. All the collections are limited edition and sold exclusively online via www.honestby.com. 20% of the profits will go to charity chosen by the designers.

The 5th of April, Honest by will disclose who will be the second designer but if you can't wait, the I Love Belgium can let you in on a lil' secret: it's the Paris-based Canadian designer Calla Haynes, who was a finalist for the prestigious ANDAM award in 2010. Haynes will design a womenswear and for the first time a menswear collection. Her strong print designs are the foundation of each collection so expect some colour!



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