Home is where the house is

>Dutch Design Academy graduates Bart Nijssen and Nichon Glerum compiled a book with photos and interview of students graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010.

It documents the wide range of identities and nationalities through the apartments and rooms they have lived in during the two years they've spent in Eindhoven attending a Master course in Conceptual or Humanitarian Design. In some sort of way Eindhoven became their new home until graduation of course. The book also documents the life and temporary homes of Belgian Design Academy graduates Cédric Ceulemans and Tom Tack. Cédric graduated in June as a Master in Man & Humanity, Tom graduated as a Master in Conceptual Design. Cédric Ceulemans moved to Namibia to continue his graduation project to recycling plastic bags into functional tools and objects to help local communities. Tom Tack won the Great Expectations Award, organized by Frame magazine and is a daily contributor of I Love Belgium writing about design, architecture and urban planning.

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