Hide and feel

Lore Langendries obtained her Master’s degree in Arts from the MAD-Faculty (Media, Arts and Design) in Hasselt in 2010. She later got a PhD in Arts at KU Leuven, the University of Hasselt and the MAD-Faculty of Hasselt. Today in our ever-online and virtual lives, the contemporary jewellery and object designer focuses on the physical and tactile aspects of design. 

Circle shapes are an essential part of her work as their pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of the diverse materials that are used. These elementary materials, mostly animal hides, play an active role in the design and making process. They function both as subject and matter and result in wearable objects that provoke an urge to touch them. 

Langendries’ new line of work, Hide, the Fragment is a collection of brooches with special attention to the natural hair direction and details of the used materials. The items flirt with the border between revealing and concealing, depending on how close you wear them on your skin. A beautiful cluster of contemporary objects that have been selected for the Mari Funaki Award 2018, hosted by the Gallery Mari Funaki in Melbourne.

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