Helmut's Miniatures

Do you still remember those pictures of miniature figures depicting our daily lives? Yes it was all the rage on social media and therefore gone as fast as it came. When we saw the work of up-and-coming young artist Helmut Stallaerts, we suddenly had a flashback to these pop-art influenced images. Although it would be unfair to compare these as Helmut's work moved us with great beauty and the power of his storytelling characters!

Although mainly a painter, Helmut also works with installations, photographs and films. It were also his viewing boxes, scale models and mixed media work that caught our eye! Projects that came into being by doing a research for one of his film installations. As Helmut wanted to set up 6 films in a round formation, he experimented with real life scale models to recreate the given feeling. But at one point these scale models became so interesting that Helmut gave up the idea of a film installation.

Just like many of his other works, here the quest for power and power relations is reflected upon. It's about the power we don't see, or as Helmut puts it: the headless king. In his miniature works control and submission form part of the experience. Are you watching these situations as a sudden observer or as the all-seeing eye? What kind of stories do these characters tell you and don't you think that ultimately it is also about ourselves?

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