Heaven's Closet

A family typically generates no small amount of clutter, a reality that designer Filip Janssens gamely outwits with his cunning storage solutions. With a natural talent for construction, order and cleanness, Filip creates intricate attractive storage and organization solutions.

His work isn't only of practical use, Filip's closets and shelves have the power to transform a space. Designs with a sculpture-like quality: colour, size, proportions and placement transform your standard closet into a real piece of functional art. Unlike off-the-shelf closets, Filip his work is fully integrated with the lifestyle of the clients. Whether they need a modular closet/seat/desk/light piece or a book display shelf, Filip will deliver.

If you don't have the space for a wall-cuddling closet, then you can opt for one of his ready-made designs such as the graphical pentagonal cupboard or the easy moveable organizer appropriately titled "Tilt". Yes, the I Love Belgium team is convinced of the power of a design closet. Next time we'll opt for Filip's vision instead of another Ikea Billy bookshelf ...

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