Hats off to Mr. Coppens

Weekends normally have positive connotations but if you start your weekend hearing that one of Belgium's finest milliner's, Christophe Coppens is filing for bankruptcy, we do not immediately think happy thoughts at the I Love Belgium office. We all know fashion is a hard world nowadays. It's working long hours, and no it's not about sipping champagne on yet another cocktail.

Fashion designers striving for uniqueness and quality who produce in their own country (or not in cheap labour countries) is like walking a tightrope. The rise of highstreet chains playing copycats isn't helping at all. Youngsters should be educated about the price of unique fashion (Bruno Pieters' new project Honest By is a great example). And no, you won't be helping fashion either by running to the nearby retail chain producing 10 euro knock-offs.

But as true supporters of Belgian fashion (and positive thinkers) here at I Love Belgium we believe Mr. Coppens will rise as a phoenix from the flames and we will be there to support him. Maybe some of the famous people who wore his creations could give him a helping hand? And we're not speaking about D-list celebs, it's A-list all the way. Come on Ana, Riri, Gaga, Beth, Paola and Roisin! What are you waiting for? Christophe wrote an emotional letter about his bankruptcy, you can read it on our facebook page.

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