Grand Hotel Casselbergh by Buro II

Although know for it's splendid medieval architecture, Bruges has a new hotel that shouts more "contemporary" then "touristy". Yes we have to admit, the conversion of the building exists out of the renovation of three historic buildings... but it also includes a new development which replaced a 20th century building eye soar! This combination creates the perfect mix between the history of Bruges and a vision for the future.

It's architecture office Buro II who drew the plans for the four star Grand Hotel Casselbergh.  While the three historical residences known as ‘Casselbergh’, ‘Zeven Torens’, and ‘t Fransch Schildt’ breathe the atmosphere of the local aristocracy, the new addition stands strong in between taking in account the cities history.

The play with volumes of the new façade are based on reinterpretation of the measurements and dimensions of the existing historic windows.  This does not only help to incorporate the building in the historical loaded surroundings, it also gives this sober concept a playful twist. By choosing materials which refer to traditional building stone, the building interweaves within the existing cityscape.

But there is more to the concept! The new addition is conceived as a bronze treasure chest set with gems. The architectural form of a box with a chamfered roof can also be found in the Bruges Belfort which houses a treasury as well as the town accounts. So in this box the guests translates into Bruges' biggest treasure: tourism. Smart, no?

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