Girls From Omsk Spring Summer 11

I Love Belgium goes Russia! No, it's not a reaction against the political mishaps in our lil' country. We're just admiring the Spring Summer 2011 collection of our favourite Russian designer from Belgium: Valeria Siniouchkina.


Her Girls From Omsk have been traveling the globe since 2007 and after their romantic Paris trip from Fall Winter 2010, the girls head back north and they arrive in Kiev. The SS 2011 collection explores the revolutionary period of the beginning of the XXth century and the soviet cultural heritage that became the foundation of the Modern Movement, a revolution in Arts but also in politics and sociology. The creative energy of futurism, constructivism, suprematism, modern poetry… meeting the destructive energy of war that left its mark on the destiny of millions. The girls pay tribute to their roots. This translates itself in straight cuts, uniform jackets, long and severe skirts and 1917 Russian police inspired trench coats. But Girls From Omsk wouldn't be Girls From Omsk without adding in that contemporary street touch with jersey fabrics and loads of eye-popping prints such as the one of Russian poet and playwriter Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mavelitch 1913 “Black Square” painting and vetki or twigs in Russian, a beautiful yet disturbing watercolour print. Nasdrovje!

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