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Ginger Flower Power

Last week, Olivier Langhendries, the trademark ginger-bearded Belgian model, presented his very first fashion collection at the exquisite Fiori flower shop in Milano. This provided a colourful backdrop for the launch of tees, sweaters and accessories.

OL SS15 is centred on highlighting what matters most in his life: composure and sincerity, relevant values according to the life of a model.
Key items in this collection are printed cotton sweaters and tees for both men and women. At the same time he created an accessory line that doesn’t have to play second fiddle. This includes shoulder bags and backpacks, hats and even a tote bag. The prints invoke one of Olivier ’s main passions: floral life. Not a surprise if you know that Olivier graduated in Floral Design Management. Getting a little bag of flower seeds with each purchase, well, that’s simply enchanting.

In a couple af days the collection will feature on a crowd funding website. This will enable Olivier to produce the pieces. One compensation will be the opportunity to create one shirt in collaboration with the model himself!
We at I love Belgium know what we would pick… the Rosa Belgica.

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