The story of Generous reads like a sweet fairytale. Co-founder of Christophe Harou wanted to find gluten free bread and pastry in Brussels because his doctor advised him to stop eating gluten and that's how he ended up with Aurélie and Jean-Benoît at L'Arrière-Cuisine. Avid I Love Belgium readers may recall our raving review about their bakery. He became a regular customer at at their cute tea-room, started talking and brainstorming with Aurélie and Jean-Benoît and Generous was born.

The Generous bakery offers a range of handmade, organic and gluten free products. Organic, gluten-free but...full of taste! Their workshop is located in Brussels, at the crossing of the canal and the Senne river in a classic industrial building that used to host a dry cleaning unit. But now the space has been transformed into a laboratory of taste.

Their first range of products is a range of cookies with witty names such as Céline Citron (lemon butter shortbread), Charlotte Chocolat (chocolate cookies with Belgian chocolate chips, hazelnuts and fleur de sel), Sylvain Speculoos (a spiced shortcrust biscuit with buckwheat flower), Victor Vanille (vanilla butter shortbread) and Nicole Noisette (hazelnut croquant). And although everything is organic and gluten free, don't expect the typical boring, hippie, health food non-aesthetics packaging. The cookies are in a cute white bag with illustrations by Antwerp artist Jens Claessens. If you don't like cookies, you would even buy them for the packaging.

For Aurélie and Jean-Benoît, who are the baking professors, the gluten is no more an obstacle but an inspiration in their search for new recipes. They use different flours for different taste, some are from here, such as buckwheat, others from elsewhere, such as millet and tapioca. All their products are organic certified and their suppliers, mainly craftsmen from Belgium engaged in organic agriculture, share their beliefs and passion for good products. And after the cookies, people want more! They're asking for bread, cakes and other pastry so these pastry chefs have a lot of culinary challenges ahead.

And of course there's the taste verdict: do they taste organic? Do they taste healthy? We admit: we never had cookies  full of flavor. Our favorites are Céline Citron and Charlotte Chocolat. We suggest you try them out yourself, they're in over 150 organic stores and they're even sold in Switzerland and Paris (and they're sold in our favourite Belgian bakery Le Saint-Aulaye). And if they concoct more deliciousness like that, we're sure they will expand even more quickly.

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