Fungus Art

Fungi: we eat it, clean it, and… paint with it? Well, at least, Ghent based artist, Takahiro Kudo does. 

In mid-2014, Kudo created two art pieces out of fungi and culture medium. When the painting and sculpture were first displayed, all anyone could see was a blank canvas and some cream-colored bottles.However, by the end of the day, the canvas and bottles were covered in small, vibrant blue, green and yellow blotches. Every moment the picture was changing - thriving in the humid, nutrient rich enclosed space. Much of Kudos work focuses on taking substances that are quite ordinary in everyday life and showing us the peculiarities of them. He’s created sculptures out of frozen milk and artificial skin and ice-skates. His art plays with the idea of restriction. What does it mean to be locked away? In the case of his fungus painting and sculpture, there would be no life without the delicately controlled boxes they are displayed in. 

His art offers a strange reflection of human life. The longer the work exists, the fungi grow and the picture evolves, yet each time the painting is viewed it is complete. Similarly we live our lives, grow, evolve and each moment is just as absolute as the next. Like much of his art, there is an undeniable link between what he has created and how we live.

“We are birds inside cages. 
The cage is called a body.” - Takahiro Kudo

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