A Forest House

An architect's house in the middle of the forest, yes this is I Love Belgium material! Behind this discrete forest house you'll find architect duo and partners in life Eddy Francois and Caroline Dewolf. After having lived in a castle's coach house, they've designed the forest house towards their previous living experiences and the wabi-sabi principal. In other words: they applied slow architecture with an aesthetic eye for the imperfect.

That's why this house, situated in the green surroundings of Ghent, doesn't have a big entranceway or buxus garden. Instead, the brown brick blends perfectly with the natural surroundings and the only thing popping out is the red front door. Inside, the ground floor is occupied by the architecture office, while the upstairs spaces are reserved for the family. This gives the family the advantage to look out upon the trees, enjoying best of nature!

Also the material-use reflects upon the love for the imperfect. Terracotta brick floors provide a feel of an old farmhouse floor while brown-black pigmented concrete ceilings and brick walls give a sense of nature. Next to this they have white vinyl, which they discovered during a trip to Japan, contradicting the natural materials. The wabi-sabi principal in contemporary architecture. While these materials may not reflect the idea of modern architecture, they provide an ease towards contemporary living.

So instead of getting rid of each spot in your minimalistic white interior, this house balances modern living with an undefinable easiness. And isn't that what comfortable living should be? Something perfectly captured on the images of Sarah Blee.

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