Forêt Monolithique

Antwerp based art direction studio Uber and Kosher pleasantly surprised us with their "Forêt Monolithique" series. Stupendous fascinating pieces that came into being as an assignment they did for the most demanding client out there: themselves! Instead of trying to convince clients to go a step further, they decided to show them how it's done by creating free work first.

As real fanatics they started to visit every Belgian-and-beyond flea market. Their eyes were drawn towards obscure, hideous and particular objects. Objects they disassembled to select the one hidden aesthetic element. These fragments ended up in their studio where they shot over a hundred compositions. The result was a 2D art-work which evolved into 3D objects. Totem-like figurines which are assembled with marble, glass, ceramics, wood, plastic,.... giving a completely different character then the flat imagery.

These pieces are exhibited in the Antwerp concept-store The Recollection where they are presented within a display case. This does not only point out the fragile and decorative aspect of the works but also makes the cross-over between graphic design and art. As the work evokes a mystical feeling Uber and Kosher decided to name their collection of small totems "Forêt Monolithique". This does not only refer to the enchanting place a forest can be, but also to the eastern-island like mysterious monoliths. Object that can let transport towards sculptural landscapes!

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