Foodgasm Photography

Belgians love their food. I still have to meet the first person who visited Belgium who told me he had bad food. So quality is there but how to present that quality in a creative way is another matter.

Food photography is complex, it's not only about color, setting and scenography, but also about timing and innovation. The latter is something Kris Desmedt and Erik Vernieuwe mastered very well. Kris is a fashion photographer shooting for L'Officiel, Grazia, Standardmagazine,... Erik Vernieuwe is a stylist extraordinaire and a master in creating moods.

Next to their daily occupations the duo has been doing a series of creative culinary imagery. Their pictures are not only very tasty but they're full of energy, movement and humor, things you cannot always find in classic food photography. Their double meaning, wit or combination with special props bring an instant smile on your face. A plate of pasta, a fruit tartelette or a simple tomato soup,...all become visual artworks. Their work will say so much more than our words, so  feast your eyes on this visual buffet!

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