Five questions for Aude de Bourbon Parme

This time of the year Brussels is flooded with art lovers and art collectors from all over the world. Yes, it's Art Brussels and thanks to the success and reputation of Belgium's art mothership a whole series of art events is organized around the city. Thanks to SLICK, the biggest off art fair of Art Brussels, who came to Brussels for the first time last year, the area around WIELS  in the commune of Forest has become the real off neighbourhood of Art Brussels.

There's not only SLICK but also Poppositions, Komplot, the performance festival Experienz, Fondation A Stichting and the Art Loft. Anyone who still claims that the Brussels commune of Forest does not really have an identity can be silenced forever: Forest is officially the art commune of Brussels.

The city council even created a special art walk called Kunstpromenade, to guide everybody through all the different art happenings. Lovers of everything art, the I Love Belgium team already strolled around and asked five simple (up to you to decide) questions to the people who made all this happen. We start with Aude de Bourbon Parme, communication director of SLICK Art Fair.


ILB - What is good art for you?
That's a trick question because it is very difficult to define a good artist and a good art work. It's so subjective. Of course it's important that you are touched by a work of art or that it incites controversy. It also needs to raise questions both personal and universal.


ILB - Why is art important?
Because I believe it can change the world.


ILB - What's the difference between the French art scene and the Belgian art scene?
An other difficult question. You could also say: what is the difference between a French and Belgian person? In Brussels, we noticed that collectors have very specific opinions on what they like or not. They are also not afraid to ask the price of an art work.


ILB - What's your favorite art work at SLICK
The one I will buy.


ILB - Why do you love Belgium?
I love to work here because of the sincerity of the art scene and its vitality. I discover all the time and I've also met some really interesting people, in the end that's what I am looking for in life. Projects and ideas can be put in place very smoothly and solutions to problems seem to come very natural. In Belgium, life is sweet but very vivid at the same time.


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