FAP Earring

There's a new trend in town: (partly) pastel coloured hair. Yes, we're talking about fashionable hipsters with ash blond/barbie pink/ baby blue/my little pony purple and other ice-cream coloured hairdo! If you're into the whole Nicki Minaj/Katy Perry look but not brave enough to go to the extreme, then I Love Belgium team found the solution...

Sarah and Carol, the ultra-cool rock chick girls behind all Belgian fashion brand Filles à papa (translates as daddy girls) created an earring that incorporates the pastel hair hype without ruining your actual hair for the next few years. The earring exists out of a fake hair extension, coloured bright pink which eventually turns into a platina blonde. The size of the piece assures the fact that heads will turn while strutting this must-have earring.

What's more to wish for on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

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