Famous Tealights

How can a tealight be famous? Well, give 300.000 tealight candles to Brussels-based advertising agency Famous and they'll make sure your Christmas commercial becomes an instant hit. Back in 2009 Electrabel, Belgians biggest energy provider,  briefed Famous to do an amazing Christmas Wish TV-ad. So they came up with this stop-motion movie to celebrate New Year's Eve!

Contradictory to the clients product, electricity, the making of the stop motion didn't use much of it! Instead wax, manpower and a good grid were the key-elements to realise this heart-warming movie. And effect it had! Due to its huge success the ad now runs for its third year. This year Elecrabel joined forces with the Red Cross to give back to the community. By lighting up a tealight on the site, Electrabel donates 1 euro to the Red Cross.

Oh, if you like the catchy music of the ad, then we have some good news! Due to its huge success, Famous decided to record a long "proper record" version. The result is titled "I take you to my dream" and performed by the group Tony Bocken.

We've added the actual commercial, the song and the making of. So enjoy!




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