Fall/Winter at Atelier Solarshop

Second stop in our Fall/Winter shopping spree: Atelier Solarshop in Antwerp. You may already have noticed that we’re not picking out the stores that are in the well-known shopping areas, but you have to do some effort to find out-of-the-box gifts and designs that aren’t featured on every street corner.@

Atelier Solarshop is a platform for young creatives started by Jan-Jan Van Essche and Piëtro Celestina. The former solar panel shop offers young designers and artists a multifunctional space which can be used an atelier, gallery or showroom. This is the second POP-UP where they present a new selection of objects and items by international, up & coming artists and designers. Fashion, jewelry, art, contemporary and vintage design. POP-UP will last till October 9th, so you’ll have to be quick. Don’t hesitate and do some early creative Christmas shopping.


First of all, I Love Belgium fell in love with this sweatshirt by Jan-Jan Van Essche, an Antwerp Fashion Academy graduate, who just launched his first men’s collection Yukkuri. His first collection is titled  Yukkuri; translated as ’slow’ or ‘taking it easy’ in Japanese. Jan-Jan’s collection offers a mindset or even a lifestyle of easiness, a mixture of ethnic values and influences adapted to his experience of our modern times and city life. By using embroidery, braiding and weaving technics, Jan-Jan takes it slowly but surely.

And here we go again: knitwear! This heavy knit also by Jan-Jan Van Essche is again a yes yes! The cable knit looks really classic at first sight but the facts that the knit cables are woven like knouts (leaving open spaces) creates the edge of the sweater.

If you’re at Atelier Solarshop you really have to take a closer look at some of the items, at this series of handmade silk scarves by Hui-Hui for instance. At first sight they look like the classic Hermès carré scarves but if you look closer you’ll see that the print is build up of basic or even sordid items such as buttons, zippers, tape or even candy wrappers. The designers made a collage of these items, photographed it and used the photograph as a print.

These shades by Slow and Steady Wins the Race immediately caught our eye. Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a conceptual clothing and accessory line that reinterprets the classical everyday wardrobe. It is built on the belief that high design can be, and should be, accessible to all.

These ceramics by Form Follows Freedom are what the I Love Belgium team likes: less is more. The platter’s mould is in fact the purple stereofoam used to transport apples in crates. Great that a sordid item like that can become a design item in a minimalist interior.

'Vintage for Kids' illustrations by Benjamin Demeyere (the illustrations in the middle) is a great set of prints to decorate the children’s room or why not, to tell your eye apple a bedtime story. Demeyere is a multi-talented artist. He paints, draws, makes collages and even makes animation movies. His gets his inspiration from ferrytales and stories and poetry by Jacques Prévert and songs by singer-songwriters such as Boris Vian  and Adamo.

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