The Factory

Storage capacity is one of the key elements when you are a kitchen and bathroom manufacturer. So what do you do when you're in need of additional space? You construct some, there was only one problem: the large mixture in material, construction and roof typology on the manufacturing site created a mix-match of buildings. Brussels-based architect Stein Van Rossem came up with an inventive way to harmonize and create an unique identity for the site.

For this a seven meters high screen, made out of galvanized steel plates, was erected in front of the existing and new constructed buildings. Result? A unified picture. Well, not quite. As the steel plates were manufactured in different transparencies and the direction of the lines differ, the result is a holographic image.

Areas of full transparency or intimacy create a playful façade with a Esher-like appearance.  And this continues at night as lighting elements were placed in the back of the plates. This way the holographic image keeps its power after the sun goes down while creating a beacon of light. Why couldn't every factory be like this?

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