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The Face of Millennials

Artists have always painted people, and people have always posed for artists. So what exactly makes Alejandra Hernandez’s live portraiture paintings so refreshing? It is all in how she manages to capture each sitter’s personality while infusing each piece with her own style. 

Hailing from Bogotà, Colombia, Alejandra decided to settle down in Ghent after completing her MFA in painting at the KASK School of Arts. Her art is vivid and quirky. 

She paints the person, but also features other details of the scene like potted plants, smiling fruit stickers, whips, loud patterns, fuzzy pets and more. Everything is in the foreground and fights for your attention. There is so much to see in every section of her paintings, and your eye is drawn to it all at once. 

The colors, surrounding objects and body language start to tell a story of who that person is, and what their life is like. These people with their evoking stares are quirky, interesting and expressive, from the impatient sitting couple to the calm casual bundled up friend on their laptop. 

So what does it all mean? Well we see the twenty-something mentality: ultra colorful and experimental. Stuck somewhere between childlike innocence and adulthood. Trying to fight for their individuality but at the same time still discovering who they really are. The pieces are fun and chaotic, cutesy and sexy, and a little uneasy and strange all at the same time. 

What do you see when you look at Alejandra Hernandez’s work?

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