Eye Candy

Belgians love eye candy, but who doesn’t, right? The brand new concept store Eye Candy can provide you with the necessary dose. Eye Candy is an optician with some very yummy glasses, delicious interior design and very tasteful graphic design.

Belgian design stuido Creneau International was inspired by the shopping proces of ‘buying a pair of glasses’ when designing the concept for the Eye Candy store, located at the Wijnegem Shopping Center. The store consists out of boxes which are color coded according to the costumer's mood, whether it is Preppy Chique or Rock star. These boxes are stored in a wooden storage system and function as display for the glasses.

After you found a suiting pair of glasses you can take the box out of the frame and it will be transformed into the packaging. Inside the box you can find your brand new pair of glasses (offcourse!), some tissues, cleaning fluids ,etc. All carefull designed to fit into the Eye Candy style.

Bon appetit!

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