Et Alors?

At I Love Belgium we love color. And we love photography. So when we discovered this new photo shoot in Et Alors? styled by Harald Ligtvoet featuring himself and his husband Wim, we were immediately sold. Avid I Love Belgium readers may recognize Harald and Wim, since they're also the team behind Sweety Darlingmaking cakes who do not only taste good but also look the part. Since Antwerp hosted the WorldOutGames this year, the makers of Et Alors? Magazine wanted to celebrate the Antwerp lgbt scene in a colorful way  and the link with Antwerp based stylist Harald was made quite easily.

Et Alors? is a Belgian Gay, Drag and Genderbending magazine that comes out 4 times a year. Publishers are Fleur Pierets together with her wife Julian P. Boom who is not only travelling around the world as a freelance hydrographer but is also a Drag king model and an important spokeswoman within the transgender community.

Their magazine tries to fills the gap between a cultural publication, a trendy style magazine and a humanitarian mission. Fleur & Julian make a number of social controversial issues in terms of sexual orientation discussable, putting together their own perfect and unique mix, sprinkled a cultural coating on top and labelled it Et Alors? French for So What? Celebrating life, celebrating who you are, celebrating the right to be whoever you want to be. And at I Love Belgium, that's a cause we support with a big smile. We secretly hope this sugarcoated shoot also puts a smile on your face.
Concept: Fleur Pierets & Julian P. Boom
Photography: E. J. Falconer
Assistent Photographer: Anouk van Kalmthout
Styling: Harald Ligtvoet
Hair & Make-Up: Louise van Huisstede
Models: Harald Ligtvoet & Wim Soete

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