Eric Croes's Watercolours

Watercolours ... It reminds the I Love Belgium team of an art technique for tourists: well known buildings, squares and monuments depicted in soft colours. Although pretty and easy for the eye, it isn't created to evoke deep thoughts. With the discovery of La Louviere born artist Eric Croes, our opinion on watercolours changed!

Born in 1978, Eric Croes graduated in 2003 in Sculpture at La Cambre in Brussels. Quickly, Eric became a multi-faceted artist, he is as much a sculptor as he is a painter, a star in experimental films,  video-jokey, wallpaper designer or singer…

But we especially love his talent for watercolours. Everyday imagery such as a dogs, love-making, holidays or sports are reoccurring theme's within the work of Eric. It's as if Eric translates his daily life and loves into pieces of art. Unlike the tourist watercolours, here the image is highly stylized while the background almost fades away. Or when the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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