The Entrance Hall

Remember our "The Pub's Floor" article? The photography of Jimmy Kets turned out to be one of April's best read articles. So we assume that the I Love Belgium reader has a thing for artistic architectural detail photography. That's why the I Love Belgium team gives you more of what you love! This time the focus is on mid-century entrance halls!

When we stumbled on the website of Liège-based photographer Marc Wendelski we fell in love with his SAS series. This work is the first of a serie about the common places, places that exist between the intimate and the common. Marc was touched by the ranges of letterboxes, each hiding a part of the private lives of the inhabitants. In this way entrance halls can be seen as religious places: urns containing preciously the invoices, postcards, love or rupture letters.

On the other hand you have the beauty and irritation by the mortuary allure of these places, by the rigour, the severity, as if no one is living there. Some of them looks like museums or monument, others looks like schools corridors or administrations. All frozen in the marble. Only the names on boxes sometimes changes.

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