Enchanted Beauty

"Sorcier!" (French for witch) was the first reaction of a  journalist who tested a beauty cream created by Brussels-based Marion and Roger Delbôve back in 1965. As a result the iconic "Crème Sorcière" was born! Word of mouth reassured the cream and other Delbôve beauty products a loyal costumer base throughout several generations. This anonymous brand was a well kept secret until one of those loyal costumers, Gina d'Alsembourg, decided to redevelop the Delbôve brand for a 21st century audience.

So how do you re-launch an almost forgotten all-Belgian brand? As a smart business lady Gina trusted the overall concept, from graphic design to packaging and shop interior to art director Christophe Remy. His background in cinematography and art history served him well in the search for Delbôve's facelift! Add his passion for fashion and his knowledge in restoration of period style properties and his work for Delbôve results in an instant classic.

Remarkable in this project is the uniformity of the rebranding. Wether you take the old school pharmacy packaging, the refined logo design or the art-deco inspired interior of the flagship store, all the elements seem to have grown out of a rich brand heritage. As if Christophe himself created an imaginary Delbôve archive out of which he could mix and match. The I Love Belgium team has one word for that "Sorcier!".

Do you want to see Christophe's work in real life and get some more information about the Belgian made beauty products? Then pay a visit to the flagship shop located at the Rue de l’Abbaye 67 in uptown Brussels!

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