Elisa Lee - GeoDeco

Glass jewellery artist Elisa Lee has a stunning new collection titled "GeoDeco". Unique jewellery pieces that are mixing heritage, fashion and craftsmanship with an unseen ease. How she does it? Raised within a family of glass-blowers (her grandfather handling leaded light windows while her fathers turns glass into art) she developed a love for glass at a young age. Add her passion for fashion and you end up with a fresh look upon glass jewellery!

GeoDeco combines leaded light techniques with Art Deco forms. Inspiration that Elsa found in her family heritage and direct surroundings. The big challenge in this collection? How to apply the leaded light techniques into jewellery design. Thanks to the family knowledge and many experiments, Elisa succeded in adding the mouth-blown glass to the hand-forged silver.

Form and colour wise, Elisa was inspired by her new home-town Ronse, where she has her new glass workshop. A city known for its rich Art-Deco history thanks to the booming textile industry during the Interbellum. Taking a tour of the town, she got inspired by the clean lines and pure colours found back in many architectural gems. This translated into geometric forms and soft pastels such as yellows, pinks and greens.

Elisa describes this collection as a "gut-feeling" collection. And yes we love her gut-feeling! One more thing. Don't you just love the campaign images? Fashion with a capital F!

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