Duviver Lines

It happens more then once that Parisians move to Brussels in search of a bigger quality of  life, a tax-reduction, a less-stressed environment, ... Twenty-five years ago Parisian-born illustrator Jean-Manuel Duvivier also made the big jump. Brussels, where the comic strip has grown from a popular medium into an art in its own right, was the perfect host for Jean-Manuel's worldwide recognized talent!

But how to describe his illustration style? You may see influences of Picasso's Analytic cubism style, a use of vintage-feel colours and a visual simplicity. Yet behind these images lies a deep reflection, a message that conveys ideas such as peace, justice, environmentalism mixed with the right amount of humour. These illustrations are still hand-made with a Karisma 908 pencil and therefore provoke an artisan-like quality.

Jean-Manuel doesn't like to think in boxes, he can go from an Marie-Claire editorial to a corporate image for Air France to end with wall paper patterns or children books illustrations. That's also the reason why his clients go from The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Guardian and Le Monde to brands such as IBM, European Chemical Industry Council, Rabobank, Fluxys and British Airways.

Aside from his illustration work, Jean-Manuel was also 10 years the Art Director at The Hergé Foundation (aka TinTin). Today he's the head of La Cambre's Graphic Design department and ensures the quality of future Belgian-trained graphic designers! The I Love Belgium team made a small selection from his large portfolio, so don't hesitate to see more on his site! Enjoy

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