Dreamcatcher by Linda Topic

The I Love Belgium team has big love for Brussels based designer Linda Topic. The one-off a kind bed she designed is still one of our best read articles and we wouldn't mind having her modular floor covering (made with leftovers from wooden floors and carpets) in our living room. Het latest design is a fabric called Dreamcatcher. Linda was inspired by following poem by Nâzim Hikmet:

"To live like a tree single and at liberty
And brotherly like the trees of a forest,
This yearning is ours" 
Nâzim Hikmet - 1948

Taking us on a journey into a birch forest, this semi-transparent sheer echoes the bohemian spirit of liberty and of a lifestyle rythmed by nature. The fabric is made of the finest linen and it's  the jacquard technique that allows the realisation of such huge and impressive designs.

With her design Linda invites us to create our own interior landscape and to build our dreams. The I Love Belgium team remains under Linda's design spell with her whimsical aesthetics.

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