Door of the Day

The Door of the Day segment on the renewed blog turns out to be a real people pleaser! If you had in mind that these well-selected doors should be historic pieces, then we'll prove you wrong with this example. Artist Nick Ervinck applied his outspoken, bright yellow, structures to a former military hospital chapel in Ostend.

Referring to the giant 'gates of paradise' made by the Renaissance sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti, Nick interprets this gate as a trespass between the manual and the digital. Though exploring the boundaries between sculpture, architecture and design, he pays great respect to this cultural heritage. His design is inspired on the authentic doors of this chapel, but realised with contemporary materials.

The structure of IMAGROD seems to be the result of a spontaneous, natural erosion process (think for instance on how seawater hollows out rocks). Yet, the shining yellow finishing gives the sculpture the look of an artefact. Moreover, Nick refers to the fauna and flora, and specific to the sea with its hidden networks and corals. By doing so, he is indebted to Hans Arp and Henry Moore, two sculptors who introduced the organic and the void in their constructions.

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